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Sonoma Like It Hot Yoga.

A space to connect with your yoga community, spirit and heart.

About Us

Welcome to Sonoma Like It Hot Yoga, where we're all about turning up the heat and keeping it zen in the vineyard valley! 🍇🔥At our groovy studio, we're all about taking your hot yoga and hot pilates game to the next level, whether you're a cool cat pro or just dipping your toes into the yoga scene. We specialize in the sizzlin' hot yoga 26&2 (perfect for newbies!), fiery inferno hot pilates, and soothing yin yoga to balance it all out. 🧘‍♂️💦

Our classes are as diverse as a wine tasting tour, catering to yogis of all ages and abilities. Expect a full-on chill vibe with all the essentials at your fingertips - showers, mats, towels, you name it. We've got your back, baby! 🚿🧘‍♀️

New Student Offer 7 classes for $77 

✔ One time offer available to Sonoma, Napa, Petaluma and Santa Rosa residents
✔ Valid for 30 calendar days from first class taken
✔ Attend yoga, pilates or restorative yoga at our studio 

SUNDAY JUNE 30 @ 11am - 4pm 

Get ready to join the one and only yoga legend, Esak Garcia, for an EPIC yoga journey that will rock your chakras! 🌟

Swing by the POSTURE TECHNIQUE WORKSHOP + MASTERCLASS happening on Sunday, June 30th, from 11am to 4pm. Esak, the guru of hot yoga for over 30 years, is here to show you the Rolls Royce of hot yoga magic! 🚗💨

This workshop is your golden ticket to level up your yoga game, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro. Dive deep into the 26&2 sequence and watch your practice bloom like a Cali poppy field! 🌼

No sweaty stuff in the morning workshop, folks! Just pure focus on getting those poses on fleek. Here's what's on the menu for the day:

🌅 11am - 1:30pm: Non-heated workshop breaking down the 26&2 technique
🍉 1:30pm - 2:30pm: Watermelon and mingle time on our chill outdoor terrace
🧘‍♀️ 2:30pm - 4pm: Master Class with Esak himself
🌊 4:30pm: Optional cold plunge on our sunny deck

Prices? We got you, fam:
🎟 Workshop + Class: $125
🎟 Class only: $50

Ready to secure your spot for this cosmic yoga adventure? Call Inna at 707-991-0009 or click above to reserve online. Spots are as rare as a sunny day in San Francisco, so grab yours now and get set for a yoga bash like no other! 🎉🧘‍♀️

Our Clients Say

“Super charged energetic class with Dan. Every teacher here is a pro!! Lucky to have this studio in Sonoma. 🙏🏻 Also something unique to this studio, chilled lavender scented face cloths are passed out at the end of class for final savasana. Heaven!!!"

Joel Hendler, Interior Designer

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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