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Lavish Touch Massage Therapy

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Available 3 days a week

Tuesdays 9am - 5:30pm
Thursdays 11am - 8pm
Fridays 11:30am - 5pm


Lorin studied at the California Institute of Massage and Spa Services in 1997 and has been excited to share her love for massage ever since.  She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, and Reiki. Her massages are a combination of all these modalities. Communication is key and she will talk with you before each session to make sure you are getting the treatment you specifically need and want. 


Hot towels and aromatherapy are included with every massage


Add foot scrub  $10

Add back scrub $10




se call/text for a



30 min             $65   

60 min             $125 

75  min             $150

90 min             $175

2 hours             $225

Cranial Sacral 

60 min     $125 

90 min     $175 

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a non-invasive, gentle, hands-on therapy that pays particular attention to the tension around the brain and spinal cord.  This therapy helps to bring the central nervous system back into balance. Perfect for anxiety disorders, stomach issues, depression, ADD, and much more.

Sound Healing

30 mins    $100

60 mins    $200


What can Sound Healing help you with?


Sleep disorders



Stress management



Pain management


Psychoacoustics: The Fascinating Science Behind Sound Healing


Sound healing has been used as a tool for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing since before the written word. Indians, in particular, gave this deep thought for mantras and sacred chants. Ancient Egyptians used vowel sound chants in healing because they believed vowels were sacred. Tibetan monks take advantage of singing bowls, which they believe to be a ‘symbol of the unknowable’ whose ‘vibrations have been described as the sound of the universe manifesting.’


This relationship of humans to sound and our ancient history has given birth to a specific area of study known as Psychoacoustics — the scientific study of the perception of sound. In 1973, Dr. Gerald Oster, an MD and biophysicist, showed in his research paper, “Auditory Beats in the Brain,” how sound affects the brain’s ability to assimilate new information, control mood, regulate sleep patterns, boost healing responses, and even how specific frequencies of sound can be used to generate neurotransmitters such as serotonin.


“Our various states of consciousness are directly connected to the ever-changing electrical, chemical, and architectural environment of the brain. Daily habits of behavior and thought processes have the ability to alter the architecture of brain structure and connectivity, as well as, the neurochemical and electrical neural oscillations of your mind.”


To understand the basics of sound healing, we must first understand our brain waves. Brain waves are generated by electrical pulses working in unison from masses of neurons interacting with one another. Brain waves are divided into five different bandwidths that are thought to form a spectrum of human consciousness:


Delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz) are the slowest brain waves and occur primarily during our deepest state of dreamless sleep.


Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz) occur during sleep but have also been observed in the deepest states of Zen meditation.


Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are present when your brain is in an idling default-state typically created when you’re daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation.


Beta waves (12-30 Hz) typically dominate our normal waking states of consciousness and occur when attention is directed towards cognitive and other tasks. Beta is a ‘fast’ wave activity that is present when we are alert, attentive, focused, and engaged in problem-solving or decision making. Depression and anxiety have also been linked to beta waves because they can lead to “rut-like” thinking patterns.


Gamma waves (25 to 100 Hz) typically hover around 40 Hz and are the fastest of the brain wave bandwiths. Gamma waves relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas and have been associated with higher states of conscious perception.


Understanding the Science


Research shows that different frequencies presented to each ear through stereo headphones create a difference tone (or binaural beat) as the brain puts together the two tones it actually hears. Through EEG monitoring the difference tone is identified by a change in the electrical pattern produced by the brain. For example, frequencies of 200 Hz and 210 Hz produce a binaural beat frequency of 10 Hz (The difference in 210 Hz and 200 Hz is 10 Hz). Monitoring of the brain’s electricity (EEG) shows that the brain produces increased 10 Hz activity with equal frequency and amplitude of the wave form in both hemispheres of the brain (left and right hemisphere).


A series of experiments conducted by neuro-electric therapy engineer Dr. Margaret Patterson and Dr. Ifor Capel, revealed how alpha brainwaves boosted the production of serotonin. Dr. Capel explained:


As far as we can tell, each brain center generates impulses at a specific frequency based on the predominant neurotransmitter it secretes. In other words, the brain’s internal communication system—its language, is based on frequency…Presumably, when we send in waves of electrical energy at, say, 10 Hz, certain cells in the lower brain stem will respond because they normally fire within that frequency range.


Additional research upholds the beliefs of mind-body medicine in this sense, stating that brainwaves being in the Alpha state, 8 to 14 Hz, permits a vibration allowing for more serotonin to be created.


There is now empirical evidence supporting the age-old medicinal practices that do not require putting unknown substances in our bodies to alleviate issues like stress, depression, anxiety, and more. But even more intriguing is to think something as simple as sound, which we have come to treat as pleasurable entertainment, has not only been used to promote healing and well-being, but has proven to work through research as well.


If you are feeling the pressure on your mental health and wellbeing, try listening to a binaural beat to generate alpha waves between 8 and 14 Hz to produce more serotonin.


Another option is to take advantage of music that promotes a relaxed alpha state in the brain such as classical music or singing bowls. Let Lorin do the work so that you can enjoy the benefits of experiencing the blissful state of alpha waves.

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