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30-day Hot Yoga Challenge
16 October - 14 November 2023

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Please administer regularly and share responsibly.

Yoga has been know to cause extreme happiness & peace of mind

Bring your friends, neighbors and your loved ones because it's waaaay more fun together! Psst. We have a special pricing offer for your friends and fam - if they are local and are new to the studio they can take unlimited classes for just $111 for the 30 day challenge, pls bring them to the studio with proof of residency to  get them rolling on a yoga adventure of their own.


1. Regular hot yoga practice (and the keys IS regular! Think 2-3 times per week) releases the feel-good hormones naturally and easily.


There is a definite psychological benefit that comes with a good sweat sesh, research shows that a sweaty workout increases the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters (endorphins) and blood flow in your body which can boost your mood and decrease tension or stress. You will notice yourself purring a feel good song to yourself as you are cooking dinner at home after just the first 2 weeks of consistent hot yoga practice. 

2. It’s multi-sensory. 


Whether you realize it or not, hot yoga is a multi-sensory practice. By tuning into the warm air against your skin, feeling the beads of sweat rolling down your arms, and the different ways the air feels moving in and out of your lungs, you’re able to connect with your body and environment in new ways. Effortlessly bringing you into the present moment and effortlessly editing your mindset into a light moving meditation. No effort, just heat, movement and breath. 

If you are a highly auditory person try the Hot 26 & 2 Beats class on Thursday night at 6pm or Saturday morning at 9am. You will be hummimg along to your favorite Eagles tune and the time will fly by! 

3. Hot Yoga reduces muscle soreness and stiff spots.

Practicing yoga in a cold or unheated room often means you’ll feel it the next day. After practicing in a beautifully heated environment, you are less likely to feel stiff and tight the next day as your body's muscles have been supported in opening and stretching throughout the practice. The extra heat boosts blood flow to every cell in the body removing lactic acid before it builds up. In other words, there’s less recovery time.

4. Hot Yoga will help you develop major mental stamina.

Practicing yoga in a hot, humid environment is not easy. However, the added layer of challenge is a great way for you to practice endurance and mental toughness. It can add an opportunity to focus and overcome hard things which are two skills that come with you off the yoga mat and back into the 'real world'.

5. It burns serious calories.


You can eat a lot of cheesecake and still look sensational! But... if you practice hot yoga consistently (2-3 times per week) you will gradually start to notice your cravings shift. If you were a fan of the Sonoma market cheesecake, you may notice yourself craving a nice green juice or a delicious vegan stew curry from the Taste of Himalayas!

6. Hot Yoga boosts your lung capacity.

While you might think a hot room makes it harder to breathe, the breathing exercises in hot yoga can actually help train your lungs to retain more air. Deeper breaths force them to expand more than usual, which allows for more oxygen to enter the bloodstream and reach other organs.

7. Hot Yoga helps kick stress to the curb.

Okay, yeah, regular yoga practiced in air conditioning can help you chill out, but the heat’s an added bonus. “Usually, hot yoga makes you focus on your breathing more,” since it’s sweltering in those rooms. Plus, breathing deeper is key to relaxation and stress-relief.


Put your name on the challenge board at the studio & get a sticker for each class completed. If you are already a member at the studio the challenge is already included in your membership - add your name to the 30 day challenge board at the studio to reset your neurology and get that endorphines kick back after each and every class! 

(*$111 gets you access to all the early morning Monday thur Friday Hot Pilates Classes only)

(*$111 gets you access to all the early morning Monday thur Friday Hot Pilates Classes only)

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