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Intermediate and advanced Bikram Yoga Workshop - coming in Feb 2022

Friday 18 - Sunday 20 Feb

Canadian Yoga Champion, Jasmine Nash, leading a yoga posture clinic weekend in Sonoma

This weekend explores skills found in the 84 Asanas class, and provides students with the tools to practice 84 Asanas in a fun, accessible and sustainable way. Over the weekend, we’ll break down many of the 84 Asana skills during three workshop sessions and two e84 Intermediate Classes. On Sunday, we’ll put it all together and practice the full 84 Asanas class, which is a fixed sequence that gives students the opportunity to practice skills like lotus, handstands, leg-over-the-head movements, and deep backbends. Participants in the weekend do not need to have any prior experience with 84 Asanas, but should have good practice habits, comfort practicing in the heat, and the desire to expand their practice. Jasmine Nash has been a yoga athlete since 2012, and has trained extensively with Esak Garcia since 2014. She has been a staff member of the e84 Training since its development in 2016. Jasmine is the 2019/21 Canadian National champion, has taught in over 25 countries, and is one of the Jedi Fight Club leaders.

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