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Fundraiser for Anna K.

11:30am on Sunday 30 January

Sound healing and sacred chanting event in support of Anna K.

Our beautiful Anna K. needs our support! As some of you may know, there has been a tumor found in Anna's lung. She has had a profound influence on our yoga practice on and off the yoga mat for those of us that have been lucky enough to experience her teaching. It is time to return the favor and show her our support during this challenging time. Please join us to help raise funds for our lovely Anna to help her with her medical bills and living expenses whilst she walks this challenging path. We are hosting a fundraising sound healing, chanting and live music event on Sunday 30th at 11:30am at the studio. Please come to chant, heal and be healed in this event. May what you give be returned to you 10 times in most beautiful and delightful ways. All proceeds go to Anna K. directly. Please bring cash or check payable to Ganna Kyshynska. This way all your donations will reach her directly.

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