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Sound Healing with Lorin


Experience the power of sound with all the sensations of love and relaxation.  This hour or so will be packed with education, relaxation, and transformation. 

Lorin wants everyone to enjoy this event, so we are asking for a $20 - $50 donation.

What to bring: Yoga Mat, Pillows, eye pillow, blankets, bolsters

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse


This particular sound bath will be held on the full moon partial lunar eclipse which means the energy will be10 times more powerful than usual. Lorin will be debuting her new 8-piece crystal bowl set, and she will be going through and clearing the 7 common energy centers. There will also be sounds of chimes, gong, drum, rain sticks and other fun instruments along with her voice which is by far the most powerful healing instrument we all have.

Neon Speaker


At Sonoma Like It Hot Yoga, we strive to provide our clients with a truly unique and healing experience. Our vision for sound healing is to create a space where clients can fully relax, allowing for a deeper connection to their mind and body. Our goal is to provide a completely immersive experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Colorful Lights
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